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What Is Transfer?

The BC Transfer System enables you to receive credit at an institution for a course taken at another. How does it work? Why is it important? Find more info and frequently asked questions here.

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Discover Transfer Options

There are many different transfer pathways for students, such as Block Transfer, Degree Partnership, Associate Degree and Program Specific Transfer. Find more info.

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Transferring from Outside BC?

Most institutions have affirmed the principles of Pan-Canadian Protocol on University Transfer, allowing for recognition of credit for studies completed elsewhere. For more info, visit the Transfer From Outside BC section.

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Discover Transfer Options

BC has a well-established transfer system, with post-secondary institutions regularly establishing transfer credit for equivalent courses and transfer pathways and agreements - making every credit count!

Students are Mobile

Find out why students want to move, what the word "transfer" means, and more on the BC Transfer System in this video.

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